News Flash: It Has Never Been About the "Niche", it is About How Well You Understand THE NICHE!  Niche Q is the Key to Unlocking Thousands of $1,000,000 Per Year Niches!

A message to you from Kyle & Carson, The Wealthy Affiliates:

Have you every wondered how millionaire marketers know how to find those hot markets and "Niches" that sell like crazy?  How does someone find a starving audience of people, credit card in hand, ready to buy?  The answer...calculated research..

Research is the single most important aspect of finding niche audiences to sell to.  Without research, an Internet marketer is relies solely on trial and error. You might as well head to the casino if you are going to do this, because the odds will not be in your favor!

However, with a solid understanding of a niche, along with the right tools, you can swing the odds into your favor.  What if you could walk up to a blackjack table and know what the dealers cards are in advance?  You could win every single time!

The same holds true for niche marketing and fully understanding niches.  It becomes less guess work...

In fact, what if we told you that you could be successful within ANY niche?  Would you be floored if we told you that a single niche can make you upwards of a $1,000,000 per year (YES, A MILLION).  And this is only a SINGLE NICHE...there are a lot of niches like this out there!

NicheQ is your answer.  The answer to those tough questions you have when you want to start a new campaign..

The answer of what to write about when creating website content or a new article...

The answer of how to set-up a profitable Pay-Per-Click campaign and what keywords to focus on...

The answer of how to become a Niche Marketing superstar!

If there are so many "niches" out there, why aren't more people successful?

Again, it is not about the niche, it is about how well you understand the niche.  All too often people get overly absorbed into deciding on the perfect niche, but when it comes to the marketing aspect (the part that earns money), they fail to understand who their audience is and how to effectively create successful campaigns within that niche!

Take a second to think about what kinds of things you need to know before building a successful Internet marketing campaign.

  • Who is your audience?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How can you help them?
  • What can you offer them?
  • Why would they listen to you?

At a high level, these are the questions you need answers to before even thinking about building a pay-per-click campaign, or writing an article to get listed in the search engines.

ALL of the most successful marketers in the world will tell you that research is the most important aspect of earning millions online.  The key to consistent online sales is knowing who your audience is, and more importantly, how to do this research.

If you have created "failure" campaigns in the know, those ones that just end up costing you money, you will be quite aware that you failed to understand one of the above points.  Put your ear out and listen to your potential customers!

NicheQ will help you go from having a "potential" customer to having an "active" customer!

In a world where the consumers dictate your success, you never want to leave money on the table.  You don't want a potential customer to remain a potential customer.  The key is to turn this person into an active customer, and without understanding them, who they are, what they are looking for, and why they are WILL BE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!

NicheQ is the most comprehensive niche research system available ANYWHERE!

Think about it.  There are close to a billion customers online right now! 


That is a number most people cannot fathom, but there is a reason for this...the opportunity that resides online for smart and educated Niche Marketers is out of this world...something that cannot be comprehended until you make your very first sale, your very first $100/day, and your very first $100,000/mth. 

This is when things become real, and you look back and realize the whole reason why you have been successful....

You took a NICHE and you understood that NICHE!

How do you understand a niche?  Well, this is a lot of hard work and does take time.   There are many ways in which you can research consumer habits online, including the reasons why the buy, when they buy, and where they buy...

So if you can do the research yourself, why the heck do you need NicheQ?

300+ hours... That is the time it would take you to research the material that we provide within each NicheQ report...if you were an expert at research.  If you were just starting out, you could probably double this time investment!

Each NicheQ report provides you with an elaborate overview of how to promote products in different industries online.  We take the time to provide you with professional research so that you don’t have to spend your time doing it.

NicheQ is a system where we provide you with in-depth industry research and expertise.  We personally analyze and research the hottest industries and niches by spending literally hundreds of hours researching and gathering facts that YOU need to succeed.

The single most common reason why Internet marketers fail is because they do not have the time to perform adequate research.  People are all too eager to advertise industries and keywords that have little chance of making a dime.  Rather than invest your hard earned money into a blind market where you rely on trial and error, let NicheQ  give you the facts.

With each NicheQ report we go a step further and provide you with everything you need to kick start your successful campaigns.

Every Monthly Niche Q includes the following:

The Niche Report - This is a 50+ page industry report that will give you all the insight you need to be successful within the industry.   Understanding the metrics and the trends within the industry is key to success and the Niche Reports deliver on every level.  These reports include statistics, seasonal trends, target audiences, spending habits, and the best affiliate programs.

5 Custom Websites - Each Niche Q comes with 5 high quality and customizable website templates.  These websites are "themed" to the niche and provide the infrastructure and flexibility for any niche site.  Take the content from the Niche Articles or the Niche Report and you will have a full-fledged relevant site up in very little time.

5000+ Niche Keyword List - One of the toughest jobs people have when entering a new niche is finding keywords.  These keyword lists are very niche specific, cover many different sub-categories and reveal many topics.  If you are in search of some ideas, dig through the keywords within the Niche Keyword Lists and you will have a ton of them!

300 Hot Article Concepts - The article marketers dream, each Niche Q comes with 300 untapped, diligently researched article marketing keyword concepts.  These are keywords that are relevant to the industry and have very limited competition in the Search Engines.  Simply write an article about one of the concepts and you will be able to gain TOP listings in Google very quickly.

7 Niche Emails - Need some ammunition for your email marketing campaigns?  Each Niche Q comes with 7 niche relevant emails that can be used within your follow-up sequence or as broadcasts to your "list".  These emails are written in a style that is refreshing, and that your subscribers will thoroughly enjoy reading.   Plug these emails into your email campaigns for an instant subscriber relationship boost and greater overall profits.

25 Niche PLR Articles - The keyword specific, 500-word articles were created with both content and article submission in mind.  You can use this articles however you like, whether it be for your website content, article marketing campaigns, email campaigns or you could even resell.

3 Niche PLR Guides - The 15+ page PLR guides are very powerful additions to any campaign and will lead to higher ROI.  Offer them as a bonus to your "buyers" or for signing-up to your list.  These guides come in both PDF and text format so you have the ability to re-brand them with your own affiliate links.  The Niche PLR Guides are industry specific and are very complimentary to any niche related product.

Niche Community Forum - each niche has it's very own private forum where you can discuss anything about that niche with fellow members.  Each niche you "unlock" grants you access to a brand new exclusive forum where you can chat about the niche, ask questions, work with others, share additional resources, share insights and ultimately build a profitable campaign.

Private Coaching - Have a question about your niche that is specific to your campaign (and don't want to share it with others)?  You can ask one of us (Kyle or Carson) personal questions and we will give you our "straight shooter" answer.  We have made $1,000,000's online niche marketing and can definitely point you in the right direction if you get stuck.

Exponential Earning Potential - There are 100,000's of niches out there, all of them with potential to earn you a lot of money.  It is possible to make $1,000,000 per year from a single fact, many companies online make $10's of millions within a single niche.  Affiliates and merchants alike will have access to complete industry breakdowns within each NicheQ, and will have the ammunition they need to be highly successful online.  The Internet is vast, and with the right "niche" knowledge, so is the earning potential.  NicheQ delivers this on every level.

But Wait, Here is the EVEN COOLER part of NicheQ Reports!

Every month you get to choose the NicheQ that you want to "unlock".  We are always adding new NicheQ's within different industries, so you will always have a bunch of different ones to choose from. 

Next month you get to unlock another, and so on.

Want to tackle the Dating problem, choose that NicheQ your first month.  Want to try something new the next month, choose your new NicheQ and reveal a brand new industry.

After a year, you will have FULL ACCESS to 12 NicheQ's....which means you will have access to all the knowledge you need to succeed within 12 Niches online...not to mention the 100's of sub-niches that will also be covered within these reports!

And Here's the CRAZY, I-CANNOT-BELIEVE-YOU-GUYS Part of NicheQ!

In a good way that is (for you anyways).  Originally when we started developing NicheQ we thought that it would be a really good valued membership site at around $197/mth!  These reports save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of work, and each one cost us well over $10,000 to develop, so we knew this was more than fair.

BUT, we changed our minds. Now this decision was based purely on the fact that we like to under-hype and over-deliver with everything we come out with.  When we over-deliver, our customers are happy.  In fact, we have 1000's of people that buy anything that we come out with just because we don't release anything unless it meets our quality standards (which are very high).

In other words, we do not produce garbage!

So here is the offer...

NicheQ is exclusively included within Wealthy Affiliate for $0.  Nadda.  Nothing. Free. No mucho. Zero Bucks.

Yeah, that's right!  You didn't misread that.  You get FULL access to the monthly NicheQ's when you become a member at Wealthy Affiliate.

So, does this mean we raise the price at Wealthy Affiliate?  Well, that would be the obvious approach...more value, higher price right?  WRONG, no price increase.  You now get NicheQ as part of your membership at WA for the same price!

Treat it like a gift from us to you!  $1000's in extra value every month for nothing!  Don't worry, you will pay us back one day by succeeding and telling others about us, WE KNOW IT!

Ready to join the Internet Marketing Community that exudes awesomeness? 

WA with NicheQ = $97/mth

Alright, if you are one of those fence sitters, you should definitely pick up a free copy of our Niche Q Report: "Niche Hunting Strategies That Really Work" Guide.

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