NicheQ Testimonials

The most successful Internet marketers in the world will all agree on one thing. Researching and understanding your audiences is the single most important aspect of earning millions online. Below are a few testimonials from real Internet marketers who have achieved great success by finding hot "Niches".

"Having spent over 2 years as a student of Kyle & Carson’s at Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve come to realize the importance of extensive niche research. In fact I would go as far to say that if you’re not pushing yourself to understand just how crucial research is, you will definitely struggle to earn a consistent income online.

Doing niche research the ‘right’ way has enabled me to COMPLETELY understand the wants and needs of those searching the Internet for answers to specific issues or problems, allowing me to create websites that provide them with the solutions they have been looking for.

The truth is, most people don’t fully understand how to research a niche properly and this instantly restricts their earning potential. This usually leads to a feeling of failure, which then has a damaging affect on any future promotions.

If that sounds familiar, everything is about to change because NicheQ lays niche research on the line in a way that you’ve NEVER seen before. Not only does it reveal how Kyle & Carson conduct their research from the ground up, it also gives you EVERYTHING you need to turn that deep analysis into your own highly profitable campaigns.

If you think you already know how to research a niche…THINK AGAIN!"

Wealthy Affiliate Member

"Being able to accurately identify a niche market is one of the most important fundamental skills for success in affiliate marketing. For new marketers, this also seems to be a very difficult and intimidating task. When faced with an option to choose ANYTHING, there seems to be a common trend of choosing NOTHING. How will you know if your chosen niche will be profitable? More importantly, once you do choose a niche market, how will you know how to identify with that market in order to be able to convert your efforts into revenue?

My time being a member of Wealthy Affiliate has made me very aware that Kyle and Carson are experts at digging deep into a niche and teaching how to find those hidden gems within a niche that others can't seem to find. But they don't stop there! These two powerhouses in affiliate marketing also teach others how to identify with these niche markets with such laser-like precision that you can't help but make money!

Kyle and Carson will teach you how to uncover hidden niche markets that will cause your affiliate marketing profits to explode. When you are ready to learn the best way to identify a niche, and identify with a niche, make sure you choose to learn from the best. In my opinion, Kyle and Carson ARE the best."

Jennifer (A.K.A. PotPieGirl)
Wealthy Affiliate Member

"At the young age 37, I was a cranky, stessed-out, crotchedy old man.

I spent 70 hours a week at my high stress job, yet nearly ZERO quality time with my wife and son.

I spent more time with my ruthless boss than my loving family.

When my Dad passed away...where was I? I was out of town on business. I feel ashamed to this day.


One year after discovering niche marketing I quit my job and was completely out of debt.

Roughly two years later, we finally bought our first house, on top of the hill and in the nicest neighborhood in our town.

Last night, from our bedroom balcony, my wife and I drank cocktails and talked for nearly two hours as we watched the sunset over Lake Dardanelle and Mount Nebo.

She's never been so happy or proud.


Niche marketing is much easier than any job you will ever have.

Finding niches are easy.

The tough part, the frustrating part, but absolutely crucial part, is getting into the MINDS of the people in your niche.

Two of the most effective people I know at doing this are Kyle and Carson. They are natural born EMPATHS. They go into a niche...'read their minds'...and make IRRESISTIBLE OFFERS that rakes in over $2 Million a year for them.

If they ever offered me insights into the hearts and minds of a profitable niche...I'd take it!

It'd be like Tiger Woods leasing you his golfing ability."

Travis Sago
Wealthy Affiliate Member

"Once I understood the concept of "Niche" I was able to create a "Butt-Ugly" website and make $7918.39 in 3 SHORT MONTHS. Kyle and Carson...thank you...thank you...thank you. This was the piece of the puzzle that I was missing.

Folks it doesn't matter if your site is beautiful. Knowing a niche really can impact the way you address the niche and the understanding of your "customers" will lead to highly profitable campaigns. Just 3-months I put together a butt-ugly site that has earned me $7,918.39 within a single niche.

Kyle & Carson...thanks for driving the importance of niches into the my daily marketing activities."

Wealthy Affiliate Member

"It's the undiscovered niches that makes me successful online...

With NicheQ, Kyle & Carson have showed me a whole new light when it comes to efficient niche hunting. I used to spend hours upon hours researching niches with very little success - too much time was invested in my niche research. It was crazy, 80% of my time was looking for niches and I wasn't making any money!

Now with NicheQ, 80% of my time is spent cashing cheques (checks) from the success of my niche intelligence. I am literally making money the same day I research a niche!"

Jay N.
Wealthy Affiliate Member

"Let me assure that what they teach at Wealthy Affiliate really, truly works!

Let me give a little of my history:

I had no idea that people were making money online until I came across this article by Paul Sloan of CNN’s Money. I was researching Franchises. I have 25 Years of Marketing and sales experience with a top 50 brand. I have been in every Costco and Walmart from LA to HK.

I figured if that "kid" could make 10k a month on a scholarship website I could at least do as well.

So I wrote Mr. Sloane on how it’s done, where to learn this new industry, etc. He never replied.

I searched online and found a forum where many self proclaimed Gurus hang out. But after almost a month there I realized no one would share any insights. It’s nothing but a flame site for gurus.
Finally someone tired of my questions and private messaged me about Wealthy Affiliate. I thought to myself," what a dumb name! Sounds like a rip off".

So I give it a one month try.

And all I can say is, "I am glad I found a site that sells knowledge and insights and not just products."

I Joined in May of 2007 and by Thanksgiving of that same year ; I was NETTING $1,600 to $1,800 USD.

I do much better than that now.

And I am just some 51 year old guy with average intelligence.

The number one way to fail - Don't take action! If you don't try and try and try you will fail.

I am at the point where 1 in 4 things I try will at first break even. If you find one that breaks even it can be tweaked into profitability.

Don't make the mistake that 80% of new affiliates do and that is to "buy hope in a box".

What they teach at WA is all that's needed to make money on line.

Additional experience through trial and error is what's needed next.

Purchases should be in the form of learning more , not magic bullets or systems.

Be certain to take advantage of the forum and network with others. That was the single biggest push that helped me take action!

Number 1: Your job is to pre-sell not sell.
We lead people with problems to a solution.

That's all we do.

The hard part is to find a "Niche",(a group of people with a needed or better yet a problem) and a solution ( Merchants products or service) that they find useful.

Then simply point the people (Niche) in a direction to their solution (product).

NicheQ takes all the guess work out of "Niche Hunting" and provides you access to the raw research that you need!

I spend hours learning what they are looking for, what their needs and problems are. Even their lingo for use in copy, content and ads. With NicheQ, this time will be much less!"

Les Corey
Wealthy Affiliate Member

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